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LZQ展位号: P59 (一楼2号馆)

时间:20231014- 17

地点:上海世博展览馆2 号馆

(浦东新区国展路1099 号)


为期四天的上海口腔展DenTech China 2023在上海世博展览馆顺利降下帷幕。在中国科协的领导下,全国各地口腔院校和医学会的支持下,以及新老展商的全力配合下,上海口腔展延续了为业内前沿口腔科技交流而奋斗的精神,与中国口腔医学携手共进。本次展览汇集了众多数字化产品,以及种植、隐形正畸、美学牙科材料、感控设备、精密医疗等各类口腔新品,展会展览面积50,000平方米,2,000个展位,850家展商报名参展,观众总数74,202人次。




DenTech China 2023

LZQ's booth No.:  Stand P59 (Hall 2 on the 1st floor)

Time: October 14th - 17th, 2023

Address: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (Hall 2)

                (Shanghai, Pudong New Area, Guozhan Road 1099.)

DenTech China is the leading professional event for the dentistry technology industry in China. As the pioneer event of its kind with the inaugural event commencing in 1994, DenTech China has over 20 years in experience in organizing the must-attend conference for dentists seeking continued accredited education as well as international buyers, traders, and distributors looking for high-quality and costs efficient products & equipment produced worldwide.

During four exhibition days, DenTech China 2023 attracted a total of 74,202 trade visits from all over the world. Under the leadership of the China Association for Science and Technology, with the support of dental schools and medical associations across the country, and the full cooperation of professional exhibitors, DenTech China continues the spirit of striving for the industry’s cutting-edge dental technology exchanges. The exhibition brings several categories of digital products, as well as various new dental products such as implants, invisible orthodontics, aesthetic dental materials, infection control equipment, precision medical treatment, etc. The exhibition contains over 2,000 booths in about 50,000 square meters, which attracted 850 exhibitors to register for attending.

The German, American and Korean official national pavilion continued to participate in the 2023 exhibition. Major domestic well-known dental manufacturers gathered at the Shanghai Dental Expo to showcase their companies’ newest image, brand-new products, technologies and services.



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