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头颅铰刀 颅骨铰刀



头颅铰刀 颅骨铰刀









       可超硬、超精研磨,任意的柄部类型、芯厚、容屑槽宽度、刃背方式、钻尖方式、内冷却孔方式、刃部结构、刃口角度、刃口锋利程度之要求,及高可至±0.003mm (3μm)的尺寸公差要求











1. 可做不同颜色的铝合金柄部结构

2. 可做不同颜色的钛合金柄部结构

3. 做不同颜色的医用塑料/树脂PPSU/PEEK等柄部结构

4. 定做不锈钢类系列柄




(超高防锈不锈钢AA) (淬硬处理HRC54°±2°断面)


 超高防锈高耐磨高硬度、高抗冲击、高韧性不锈钢,具有极为优秀的防锈、耐腐蚀、耐磨耗(高硬度)性能及理想的抗冲击性能,优异的耐腐蚀能力接近 TYPE 304 Stainless 不锈钢,防锈性能接近于外科植入物用合金,无标示下5%中性盐雾实验( ASTM  B117) 1000小时后无生锈。应用范围广,品质相当优秀及稳定,可生产极为复杂、高精密的柄部形状及成型的超锋利刃部结构。


适用高端医疗标准: AMS 5936  . MMPDS-01 . ASTM  A693 

 ASTM  A564   .   ASTM  F899-12











Products Description

    The LZQ auto stop cranial perforators, is a revolutionized product of over 15 years of expertise in the design and development of cranial perforators. Innovations include perforators for thin skull areas, for uneven bone, and for pediatric procedures. And they are available in a wide range of sizes for every surgical application. The compact device provides great support to the surgeons, eliminates the risk of dangerous penetration.

       Sharp edges cut quickly and smoothly so less hand pressure is required. Can be stopped and started as the surgeon requires.

      Non-skid tip prevents the perforator from sliding on the skull during start-up.

      Inner drill forms a bone pad to protect the dura.


   We can produce with super hard and super finish grinding and satisfy your requirement of any type of shank, web thickness, width of chip flute,land, drill tip,inner cooling hole, structure of cutting  edge, angle of cutting edge, degree of sharpness of cutting edge, and the dimension tolerance can be up to ±0.003mm (3μm)


  (High wear-resistant & CNC sharp edge & high precision with)


  We could grind cutting edge according to different requirements and shapes as customers' drawings or samples.


    Production of cutting edge and shank could be as customers' requirement ,We produce with different materials and colorsDifferent structures and shapes.


Handle interface method:

1. can do different colors aluminum handle

2. can do different colors titanium handle

3. can do different colors of medical plastic /Resin PPSU / PEEK handle

4. can do stainless steel series handle



(Ultra-high rust-proof stainless steel AA)

 (hardened HRC54º±2º Section)


   Ultra-high anti-rust & high wear-resistant , high hardness, high impact, high toughness stainless steel, with excellent anti-rust capability, corrosion resistance, wear resistance (high hardness) performance and ideal impact resistance.. Its excellent corrosion resistance is comparable to TYPE 304 Stainless steel; and its rust resistance is closer to alloy for surgical implant. Unmarked, with 5% Neutral salt spray test (ASTM B117), it doesn't rust after 1000 hours. Wide range of applications, quite good and stable quality, which can be used to produce extremely complex, high-precision shank shapes and profile ultra-sharp edge structures.

Applied for high-end medical standard:  

AMS 5936 .  MMPDS-01 .  ASTM  A693.

ASTM  A564  .   ASTM  F899-12


   The Vitro (cytotoxicity) test verifies that the material does not have any potential cytotoxicity and therefore can safely contact human tissue, body fluids or blood, and meets all relevant allergy and skin irritation test standards.


  Joint supply and sales for medium and large enterprises, OEM assistance service for medium and large capitalization wholesaling. From high-end products processed by 6-axis / 7-axis linkage CNC (AAA grade), to middle-end products processed by 3-axis / 4-axis CNC (D grade), different levels of quality and different price ... Our reliable products can replace the first-class products, and we are professional in mass production, high cost-effective R & D, production & processing, as well as design revision according to drawings or samples of special, non-standard, special-shaped & new products. We can reduce the comprehensive cost greatly!